Muntasir Rahman

Muntasir Rahman

Web Application Developer

About Me

Over the past few years, I have developed SaaS-based applications of different scales. I have 6 years of experience in PHP. I've strong understanding of OOP and worked with MVC frameworks such as laravel (3 years), CodeIgniter (4 years), Silex and fat-free. I also have 4 years of experience in JS. I'm pretty skilled with vanilla Javascript and worked with jQuery (3 years) and AngularJS (1 year). Worked with RESTful API's in many projects. Front-end is not my stronger suit but, I'm fairly good with HTML, CSS and twitter bootstrap. I'm using *nix systems (2 years in Ubuntu and 2 years in OS X) for the development environment, hence I have some skills on system administration too.

I try to maintain best practices, coding standards and believe in writing effective and clean code. I keep myself updated with latest trends and web technologies from popular sources such as Laracasts, NetTuts+, Follow popular and exciting projects in github, Forums, IRC's etc

I am a team player and believe in the team effort. I can learn fast, adapt quickly and consider myself as a self-motivated software developer.

Latest Projects


Customer Relationship Management System to manage projects and leads

Customer relationship manager to manage clients and projects. It also allows to track leads and potential customers. A simple asset management tool and ticket manageent tool is included. Tasks and leads can be assigned to emplyees to track their progess.


Content Management System

Content management system to maintain website for different organizations. Allows multiple theme, dynamic menu creation, file manager, blog, contact form etc


Restaurant Managmenet System

A SaaS application to manage menu, customers and orders for restaurants. Allows configuaration on complex menu, online order, SMS,Email and Fax notification. Payment using Paypal, Paymentsense and credit cards.



A SaaS application to manage asset, inventory, account, hrm, leave, attendence for SME's.


Property Managmenet System

A SaaS application to manage buy and sell of real-estate assets. Listing of properties for buy,sell and rent is allowed. Communication between buyer and seller, schedule meeting to visit property and detailed information on property can be viewed from the application. Admin panel is developed to manage all data on application dynamically.

Other Projects

Shipment Management System

This is a SaaS application to manage shipments for a courier company. It manages both incoming and outgoing shipments, manage clients and track products.

Blog Manager

This is one of my personal project. I am trying to develop a simple blog manager using Laravel on the back-end and angularjs on front-end.

Work Experience

Freelance Web Application Developer - Upwork (2013 - Present)

I decided to work as a freelance web application developer. I had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects with different teams. Major project are CRM, CMS, Micro Social Site, Invoice Manager, Shipmenet management system and many more to name.

Senior Web Application Developer - Conosurtek (2010 - 2012)

Conosurtek developed SaaS application for its customers. Restaurant management system, property management system, online money transfer manager are some of their products. Here my skill on system architecture, complex database design improved. I worked on developing backend admin panels and API integrations for both front-end and back-end.

Web Application Developer - Apai21 (2008 - 2010)

Right after my graduation, I joined Apai21. I learned to apply my knowledge of PHP there. Apai21 developed online job portal, student management system, biometric fingerprint based attendance system, to name a few.